Customer service


1. iDEAL

At Urecta you can pay free of charge by using iDeal: ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Bunq, Friesland Bank, ING, Knab, Rabobank, SNS Bank, SNS Regio Bank or Triodos Bank.

Why choose iDeal?
You can pay quickly, simply and safely through your own bank. You don’t need special software to use iDeal. Paying by iDeal is always completely charge-free at Urecta.

2. Transfer

When you choose to transfer the money, you will see a screen with a payment request which has a unique trademark. You can subsequently log in to your own bank account and transfer the money. You can also choose to send the request to your email to transfer the money later. After payment, we will immediately update you with the status and delivery of your order.


When you request a package delivery, shipping costs will be charged. Together with the Urecta erection pump you will receive a full invoice, including VAT and shipping costs. On this, the agreement on the 3-month trial period and the technical warranty of 1 year are mentioned as well. A tube of K-Y gel is included as well and you will be able to order a trimmer as well.

The package will be sent discretely in a neutral package which you can follow online by track-and-trace. The code for this will be sent to you by email. The delivery will only take a couple of days. Exceeding of the delivery term doesn’t warrant you any reimbursement.

If you wish, you can collect your order at an address in Bergeijk in the Netherlands. In consultation, a day and time will be agreed upon for your visit. With this personal and discrete completion, the presence of your partner is recommended. You will get a private explanation and a demonstration on a test-unit.


Returning within the 3-month trial

Upon purchasing the Urecta erection pump you will get a 3-month trial period starting at the date on the invoice. Upon the returning of the erection pump which must be undamaged, clean and well-wrapped, after checking 2/3 of your money will be returned to you on your IBAN number.

Legal returning after purchase

As a consumer, you have a 14-day return right, starting on the day of receiving your order. You can return the products within 14 days without giving us a reason hereby cancelling the purchase agreement. Products which have been used or damaged can’t be returned. Custom made products can’t be returned either. If you wish to recall the agreement you will have to fill out a recall-form and send it to Returning costs and shipment risk are for your own costs and your own risk.

Reminder: Urecta keeps the right to refuse the returned articles when the terms and agreements of returning the products aren’t met. The purchasing amount minus the shipping costs will be returned to your account within 7 days upon receiving the products.


On every part of the Urecta erection pump you have a technical warranty of 1 year after purchase. The invoice is proof of warranty. This warranty will be void when the unit is used in a way that is not in concurrence with the manual.

After the warranty has expired or if after improper usage, parts are broken, they can always be back ordered.

Warranty form

Personal advice

Do you have a question about the Urecta erection pump, erectile dysfunction or impotence in general? Contact us immediately!