Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

Men who have erectile dysfunction have trouble getting or sustaining an erection. Erectile dysfunction is very inconvenient, especially because these problems can also play a big part in your relationship. Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction? Check out this website to see what the possible causes could be for your erectile dysfunction and how you can solve them.

The possible causes for erectile dysfunction

There are several causes that can result in erectile dysfunction for men. First, your age plays a great part in the development of erectile dysfunction. Men over 50 can suffer from erectile dysfunction quicker but the number of men with this problem over the age of 60 and 70 is even greater.

Other possible causes for erectile dysfunction are:

– Clogged arteries
– Diabetes
– Alcohol consumption
– The use of certain medication
– The use of drugs
– A deviation of the penis itself
– The treatment for prostate cancer, also called erectile dysfunction prostate.

Lastly you can also get erectile dysfunction from feeling ashamed or insecure. Have you suffered from erectile dysfunction before and do you get especially nervous when you are about to have sex? This does contribute to your dysfunction too. Feelings of shame and insecurity can worsen your dysfunction but can also be the cause of them.

Solving erectile dysfunction

There are several things you can do to solve your dysfunction. You can use medication to get a better erection but you can also choose to use a special pump to get the same result. Don’t you like to have to take medication to get a better erection? We recommend the use of the so-called penis-pump. With this vacuum-pump you can achieve a good erection in a natural way so your sex life and relationship don’t have to suffer from your erectile dysfunction.

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