The origin of Urecta

The Urecta erection pump is developed by an engineer called J. Das. He has now passed the age of 70 and is enjoying a well-deserved pension. However, around his 60th birthday, he experienced erectile dysfunction caused by the prostate. At first erection pills and injections were prescribed. These were unpleasant, full of risk and didn’t have a positive result. After this, the focus changed to erection pumps. After a couple of frustrating days of trying, these were deemed insufficient as well. The recurring problem was the vacuum and thus erection loss as soon as the elastic band was moved from the shaft.

With a history in mechanical engineering and the knowledge in developing and fixing technical issues, Mr. Das started studying the erection problem. The cause appeared to be a lack of blood movement to the penis. Convinced of the functioning operation of the erection pump, he started to further develop this.
An aid needed to be developed with which the erection can be sustained without uncertainty and frustration. For creating and sustaining the vacuum, it is extremely important that all the parts fit together airtight. The biggest challenge is that the blood cannot be allowed to flow back out of the erection. If this does happen, the erection disappears automatically. Mr. Das has developed the regulator and the clamping ring, sustaining the full erection.

The application and removal of the clamping ring is really simple because of the regulator on the pump. If you are capable, you can even have a free ejaculation by simply rotating the pump. Furthermore, the vacuum system is limited so there is no risk whatsoever. For a full operational idea, watch the instructional video for the Urecta erection pump on the homepage.

Personal advice

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