Urecta Set Basic

239,95 incl. VAT and shipping

Urecta Set Original

379,95 incl. VAT and shipping

Urecta Set Plus

399,95 incl. VAT and shipping

Urecta Set Premium

419,95 incl. VAT and shipping

Why choose an Urecta erection pump?

Erection pills and self-injection is superfluous.

You don’t have to use chemicals to achieve the wanted result.


Upon returning the product within 3 months, you will receive a refund of 2/3 of the purchase price.

Simple in use

It will simply help you to enjoy and have a good time together again.


Because of the restrictions, over-inflating the device is impossible.

Clamping ring and matching pump

Your erection will certainly be upheld and a free ejaculation will be possible.

Number of persons helped

Over 1000 men have already been helped by Urecta already. Let yourself be convinced!

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