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For two years I have been a very satisfied user of the Urecta erection pump. Because of the radical removal of my prostate, achieving a natural erection wasn’t an option for me anymore. First, I tried medication. That satisfied me relatively well. I did have erections but often it would fail and I wasn’t comfortable injecting a foreign substance in my body. Furthermore, the restriction to one use per week was a nuisance. Above all, the medication was very expensive.

Searching for alternatives I came across erection pumps. I read a lot about it and decided to try the Urecta erection pump. The essential point in my decision was the way in which the erection was held. I read that the rubber bands used in many of these pumps didn’t really give satisfactory results. Urecta delivers a regulated ring, regulated by a small pump, which can be adjusted by the user. In that way, you can control the way in which the penis is clamped or not. This works perfectly and is the added value of the Urecta erection pump in comparison to other brands. Some patience and mutual acceptance is needed to fit this method into your love life but it can be achieved and the re-creation of your erection is an unknown enrichment to your relationship.

In the end, a simple calculation tells us that, taking the medical costs into consideration, the purchase of a pump will quickly be profitable.

I would like to advise men with similar problems to just try it!

Arie Visser


After a prostate operation due to prostate cancer we first gave a lot of attention to the recovery and we tried erection pills afterwards. What we noticed was that the nasty side effects did work but the result was unsatisfactory. Through the internet we came across Urecta’s website. After an extensive explanation, we decided to purchase the Urecta erection pump. This has been used for 5 months now and has been successful from the beginning. We (my wife and I) are extremely happy with this nice result! Our sex life has returned to its former stature!

J.E. from R


There is nothing more we can say because it is the best invention in the world, excellent! We have therefore given your business card to the hospital to help fellow sufferers and give them hope that not all is lost!

Family R.

In my mid-sixties I got prostate cancer with all its consequences. The most important thing is that I’m still standing and that I can almost do anything! The worst part is that I lost a part of my masculinity e.g. the erection.

Feeling not being a man anymore in a relationship. When there is no more erection, that certainly is a missing point for both and not just for yourself. You go and look for alternatives or products that try to give you back some feeling of masculinity.

I was browsing the internet and found a great erection pump that could help me. After some deliberation, I purchased an erection pump at Urecta and I have no regrets whatsoever. It works fine! I (we) have been using this pump for 4,5 years now without refusal and we are very happy with it! Maintenance is naught which means the product is top-notch quality. The only thing you should buy for good use is K-Y gel to create an optimal vacuum but that is not too expensive.

Impotence can happen to anyone and because of that I can recommend this product to anyone! After having used it for the past 4,5 years!

M. from M.


I have been using the erection pump for 2 months now. Due to heart problems and the subsequent medication I have had erectile dysfunction for years now. I thought that was a great miss in my life and in my partner’s life as well. After consulting my doctor and after knowing that the use of medication or other chemicals would be dangerous for my health, he recommended a well-working erection pump. Fairly quickly we had a workable result which has now grown into a full solution to my erectile dysfunction.

I would recommend Urecta to anyone with similar problems.

A.S. from V.


After a radical prostatectomy and the following consequences, I tried some different brands of erection pills. These only had discomfort as a result. After some searching, I stumbled across Urecta’s website and after consulting my doctor I purchased an erection pump. After some practise, I achieved a hard erection and my pleasure was back. I can recommend the erection pump to anyone with erectile dysfunction.

Paul Vermeer, 55 years old


Having high blood-pressure, an enlarged prostate and arrhythmia, I have had erectile dysfunction for over 3 years. I wasn’t allowed to use erection pills anymore. I had to find something else and thus I went to a sex shop to buy an erection pump. I did achieve an erection but the application of the rubber band was fiddly. This caused my erection to go away immediately. The orgasm wasn’t feeling that great either. The ejaculation was blocked and because of that, the feeling went down as well.

After a visit, I bought a Urecta erection pump. What a delight! An erection immediately and the great feeling you get with an ejaculation. Urecta has enriched our lives again.

Kees, 61 years old


After having had erectile dysfunction because of diabetes, we purchased a Urecta erection pump. To our satisfaction it worked from the word go. Normal intercourse was possible again and after some practise and experimenting, the result even increased.

As a couple, we can recommend this to anyone with similar problems. Pass the taboo and your relationship will really get a boost.

G, 55 years old


By using Da Vinci Prostatectomy (robot surgery), my prostate was completely removed due to prostate cancer. I haven’t been able to get an erection ever since.

After advice from my urologist I had been administered several injections but without any result. After all this, only two solutions were left. Surgery or an erection pump. Taking in the advice from the Jeroen Bosch hospital in Den Bosch I visited Urecta’s website. After reading the reviews and a phone call, I was still sceptical. It seemed a utopia!

After a personal consultation, I decided to purchase the erection pump. Now, 16 months after my prostatectomy, I have started using the erection pump. To my surprise I got a good result and a strong erection straight away! In hindsight, taking into consideration the fiddling with injections (being costly as well), I am now very happy with the erection pump. A real recommendation for men with erectile dysfunction.

Paul, 63 years old


We are a 55-yearl-old couple. My husband was diagnosed with MS ten years ago. We were struggling sexually because of erectile dysfunction. What do you do when it doesn’t work? You give up. That stopped when my husband found Urecta online.

Since then we have started experimenting again. I was a bit shocked on the first use of the pump! I couldn’t remember my husband being so well-shaped! The ring works perfectly sustaining the erection. Thanks Urecta!

Maria and Jos

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